Documentary wedding photography

I'm an established documentary wedding photographer commissioned across the UK and overseas. Real life, not fairytales... documentary wedding photography.

Documentary wedding photography

You’ve found this page, so it’s a pretty safe bet you’re looking for a documentary wedding photographer, which is all rather good because that’s what I am, amongst other things.

If you already have a good idea what documentary wedding photography is, you’d better have a look at some photos and save yourself from reading a load of waffle.
If by some strange chance you’ve happened here by accident but would like to know more about photographing weddings in a documentary style, before you go back to your twitter feed, in search of other photographers, here’s the skinny...

The simplest way to describe how wedding documentary works it is to tell you how I go about actually doing it. My way of working is really rather straightforward - I turn up to your wedding at the appointed hour, spend the day making photographs of what goes on without interfering or making a nuisance of myself, and then spend a few days editing and polishing it so it tells the story of the day with as much honesty, style, and humour as I can manage. You can have it delivered in any form you want - from downloads and wedding photo galleries, to USB sticks in fancy boxes with prints, or in the form of a good old fashioned book. Your choice. 

A little more detail? I use small, virtually silent cameras, the better to get close without being noticed. I don’t use a flash, except on the dance floor. Whatever light’s available is much more interesting. I’m affable, courteous, calm, and well-dressed. My aim is to capture the essence of who you are in my documentary style pictures, and the character of your family and friends, and the feel of the day, so you can look back on it in twenty years time and be reminded of that place and time and the people who were there. And yes, I’ll do a few quick groups if you’d like.

Still want a documentary wedding photographer? Have a look at some wedding photos and drop me an email.