Reportage Wedding Photography Prices

Rates for 2017/18 range from £1300 midweek in winter to £2000 on a Saturday in the height of summer.

Rates for 2017/18 range from £1300 midweek in winter to £2000 on a Saturday in the height of summer. 

All prices include a set of edited pictures delivered by secure download (typically around 4-500 from each wedding) in both black and white and colour, along with a short edit of around 100 pictures which represents my own view of the day. You'll also receive a link to a web gallery to send out to family and friends. 

I also deliver a set of low res out-takes of everything I shoot, so if something or someone important gets missed in the edit, or you just like a shot that missed the cut, you can pick it out and order a retouched high-res version. I’ll do a limited number of these free of charge. 

I don't place any restrictions on what you can do with the pictures. Print, share, and copy all you like. 

Albums? I use Jorgensen and Folio Albums - well designed, simple, excellent materials, great printing - a world away from the tacky crap that most companies offer. They start around £400 for full-size albums, but there are smaller options. I don't charge a markup on albums as I like to encourage printing wherever possible, but I do add a little for design time. Framed prints? Absolutely!

Sound interesting? Close to interesting, but there’s something missing from the offer that you really want? Drop me an email and lets talk about the details. 

Just can’t afford the prices but you’re nice folk? 
Drop me a line and I’ll customise a quote. 
If I can find a way to photograph weddings for nurses, firefighters, artists and taxi drivers, and still pay my bills, I will. 
Money makes the world go round, but if there’s no fun and no humanity then what’s the point in all that spinning?