Devon wedding photos

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Devon wedding photography

I’m a Devon wedding photographer and I photograph a lot of weddings in Devon. 
I like doing them. It always feels a bit like going on holiday to get on the M5 early on a Saturday morning and head south. 
This was a wedding at Colehayes Park in Devon, towards the end of 2013.
It was one of those weddings where everyone gets involved in making it happen.
Even the band was made up of the bride and groom’s friends and family. 
Musically they were ok - they’d practiced a couple of times, and they’d managed to pull together a reasonable set list. 
It was loud and loose, and so was the crowd.
And the atmosphere was tremendous. 
Honestly, it wouldn’t have been any better if the Rolling Stones had turned up. 

devon wedding photography

The woman in the stripy dress on the right is the groom’s sister. 
The guy at the mic is her husband. 
He’s rapping, after a fashion, in a very laconic style. 
The crowd are cheering every phrase, chanting, pointing, laughing. 
Everyone’s happy. 
Apart from the little boy, hiding in plain sight, in the centre of the frame. 
It’s coming to the end of a long day for him. 
He’s tired, and it’s his dad they’re all shouting at. 
And he doesn’t get it. Why do they all sound so angry?
It’s all a bit frightening, and very confusing. 

Does the picture need that explanation?
Certainly not to the people involved. 
And probably not to the casual viewer either. 
But it does invite interpretation, and it does involve the viewer. What’s going on is not immediately obvious - you have to look for the meaning - and that’s possibly the definition of an interesting, documentary wedding photograph.

Anyway, that’s the kind of photograph I take. 
You can see a load more reportage photos if you look around this site. 
And if you like what you see and you think I might fit in as your Devon wedding photographer, drop me a line and let’s start a conversation.