Gloucestershire wedding photos

Look through my Gloucestershire reportage photography by wedding venue. I'm commissioned across the county as a documentary photographer.

Gloucestershire wedding photography

Hello, I’m a Gloucestershire wedding photographer. 
Yes, another one. 
Bloody ten a penny these days. 
Except I’m not one of those sort of photographers.
I photograph everything in a documentary style.  
Plus, I’m rather expensive, and quite good.

Why do I like photographing weddings in Gloucestershire? 
Well, I live in Gloucestershire.
It’s not far to drive. 

If you want to have your wedding in my garden that would be grand. 
I’ll document it from my bedroom in my pyjamas. 
This is my Bronze package. 
Silver - I put some clothes on. 
Gold  - I come downstairs and photograph from the doorstep.
You get the idea. 

My quintuple uranium package is the most awesome photographer package ever devised. 
I come to your wedding, act like an affable human being, don’t steal the cake, and take some nice reportage pictures. 
It’s also my most popular wedding package. 
Some folk even go for the bonus deal where I let them see the pictures afterwards. 
If they’re ok. 

So, hush the internal dialogue now. 
I’m not as flakey as I appear. 
Send me an email and beg me to photograph your wedding. 
You know it makes sense. 

Why so blunt?

Because I know there are some people out there that appreciate a bit of straightforwardness, especially at a time in their lives when they're being exposed, often for the first time, to all the sickly sweetness of the wedding industry. It doesn’t have to be that way. My authentic approach to wedding documentary photography is quite different.

A little recap for the hard of hearing and search engines... 
I’m a very good Gloucestershire wedding photographer and I’m coming to your wedding. 

But only if you’re nice. 
Have a look at some of the photos I take, drop me an email and let’s have a chat.