Herefordshire wedding photos

Look through my Herefordshire reportage photography by wedding venue. I'm commissioned across the county as a documentary photographer.

Herefordshire wedding photography

So I’m a Herefordshire wedding photographer, and you’re getting married in Herefordshire. Marvellous. And I’m guessing that as you’re here, you’d like something to remember your wedding by - some photographs perhaps,  because honestly, what better way to remember something? Photographs are still the best way to remember an event. Yes, videos might give you more information, but who really is ever going to watch one? Discreet, documentary images that can be printed in books and hung on walls, and looked at over and over again, with preferably new insights every now and again, something else to see, some other truth or inspiration. 

But what sort of pictures?

First off, it's not a fairy tale. It's a day when you tell someone how you really feel, make a solemn commitment, and all your friends and relatives turn up to cheer you on your way. And if the ensuing party goes well you'll probably end up telling them how you really feel too.

And the rest follows from there. You want pictures to remind you of the day and all that went on, rather than pictures of the two of you snogging in front of a sunset, feeling a bit awkward. If you happen to be snogging in front of a sunset? Well that’s just dandy - I’ll more than likely be taking pictures. But I’m not going to be dragging you away from the speeches to do that. I want your reportage pictures to be a record of all the fun and emotion of the day, not a reminder of the tediousness and embarrassment of having to pose for pictures that inevitably end up looking a bit clunky. 

So, if you’re looking for a Herefordshire wedding photographer who makes pictures you’ll want to keep looking at, and who’ll photograph the complexity and ambiguity and downright wonderfulness of your day, click around, look at some documentary pictures and drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.