Oxfordshire wedding photos

Look through my Oxfordshire reportage photography by wedding venue. I'm commissioned across the county as a documentary photographer.

Oxfordshire wedding photography

Yes, as you might have guessed, I’m a photographer who goes to quite a lot of weddings in Oxfordshire, so I’m a de facto Oxfordshire wedding photographer.

not a wedding picture in oxfordshire

Is this a wedding picture?
It’s not a picture of a wedding, that’s for sure. 
None of the people in it are at a wedding. 

Port Meadow, in Oxford, is not a wedding venue. Not in the accepted sense, anyway. 
But it was taken from a boat in which a couple - who’d barely been married an hour - were sipping champagne with 10 of their nearest and dearest, watching the view go by. And as such, it’s a memorable part of their day.

If I was them I’d have it framed. I could live with a documentary image like this a lot better than a closeup of my own face. 
And as one part of a story of a wedding day, I think it gives good service.
Most of the reportage photos I take on a wedding day are of the people attending the wedding. 
But there’s always time and space for a few pictures that set the scene, give context and generally help tell the story of the day. 

If it’s any reassurance, I always take lots of documentary pictures of the couple and their guests. That’s where the real interest lies at a wedding and in the decades to come. Perhaps you'd like to read more about my particular style of documentary wedding photography, it's quite different.

So, if you’re planning a wedding and are seeking an Oxfordshire wedding photographer, I’d rather like to know about it. And I might even fancy being involved. Drop me an email and lets have a chat about the detail.