Wiltshire wedding photos

Look through my Wiltshire reportage photography by wedding venue. I'm commissioned across the county as a documentary photographer.

Wiltshire wedding photography

Looking for a Wiltshire wedding photographer? 
You probably don’t want me. 
There are about three thousand other middle-aged blokes with cameras out there just dying to photograph your wedding in Wiltshire. 
And most of these photographers are cheaper. 


If, in searching for a wedding photographer, in Wiltshire or perhaps further afield, and you’ve become sick of looking at photos of couples snogging in cornfields, and can’t quite picture yourselves doing that….
If you find the thought of hanging a photograph of said snogging above your fireplace just plain weird…
If you find the idea of posing for photos outdated and counterproductive…
If you’re ok with the idea of having a photographer at your wedding, but they’d better be punctual, affable, discreet, calm, stylish, and bloody good….

…then I’d urge you to have a look at some more of my work. I think we might get along.

I photograph weddings in Wiltshire, and I cover them in a way that no-one has to feel uncomfortable or intimidated or that they’re the subject of a photoshoot, call it documentary or reportage photography
A Wiltshire wedding photographer that just comes along, hangs out with your guests, and delivers lots of wonderful pictures that tell the story of the day. It couldn’t be simpler.